About Fleeting Connections

Fleeting connections are experiences. Those moments when life feels a little bigger, stranger, mysterious, beautiful, and uncertain.

And Fleeting Connections is a wellness company offering private services, events, and content designed to connect you more deeply with these experiences in your own life. To shake you from the stories that hold you back and open you to your most fulfilling, magical life.

Founder Virginia Mason's energy-first approach combines intuitive insight with integrative mind/body work. Her sessions are often called intense, magical, calming, and clarifying. Sessions involve a customized combination of coaching, hands-on energetic bodywork, breathwork, meditation, tarot, astrology, storytelling, and more to shift your perspective of reality and guide you toward a greater understanding of your truth. She specializes in guiding people through major life transitions, away from trauma, and into their unique power.

A graduate of Vassar College, Virginia is a Reiki Master, psychic healer, and equal-opportunity story shatterer. She's conducted human behavioral evolution research with Dr. Frans de Waal at Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta, fought against the death penalty at the Center for International Human Rights in Chicago, received her 200 hour vinyasa yoga training from New Love City, completed the Maha Rose Reiki Healer Mentorship, and studied the Diamond Approach to self-inquiry with psychologist Dr. Patricia Simko.

Click here to learn more about her story and approach. 

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