I have a knack for seeing through the stories in people's minds and showing them what's underneath.

As a psychic empath, I’m oriented toward experiencing the world on an energy level. What seems impossible to most is part of my daily experience. In addition to the commonly experienced five senses, I process information through visions, physical sensations, and direct knowing.

For the majority of my life, I rejected these experiences - constantly seeking alternative explanations and doubting my perspective.

I buried my way of seeing the world, and by my early twenties, I'd been diagnosed with epilepsy and two autoimmune disorders. I spent years seeing doctors with zero improvement.

Then, I began practicing yoga and meditation and devouring eastern philosophy. Slowly but surely, I began understanding and accepting my unusual way of processing the world, and all of my symptoms disappeared. My life became full of joyful, synchronous experiences. I found myself surrounded by loving, nourishing relationships, and I began to experience how my life is working with the world, rather than against it.

While working to understand this transformation, I rediscovered some of my earliest childhood writings: I wrote about time and space and the limitations of human perspective and knowledge and principles of enoughness and inherent goodness. I realized that I'd come into the world seeing things this way and that I'd been doing this work long before ever formally studying it.

Embracing my most vulnerable self and working to align my daily choices with it completely transformed my life. It physically and emotionally healed me and gave me the courage to live the life I want.

And that is what I work to give you now.

I’m an equal-opportunity story shatterer and see just as many problems with the stories in spiritual communities as in science and everything else. 

For this reason, I don't ask you to swap your stories. My goal is not to make you spiritual or make you anything.  My goal is simply to teach you to let go of everything that isn't truly you, to embrace being over knowing, and to use your mind's powerful storytelling skills to create the life you want.

I continually work to foster an interdisciplinary practice that's as open as I want all of our minds to be. I am a trained scientist, writer, Reiki Master, and yoga instructor, but most of my understanding comes from years of self-study, practice, and mentorship in philosophy, spirituality, anthropology, psychology, science, and the healing arts.

The learning never really ends, so let us begin...again.

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Life is a mystery. Its grand questions have yet to be answered. When you learn to drop your stories and all the things you think are true, you find freedom and beauty in the mystery and a whole new world of possibility.

This experience can feel groundless and scary and isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart. I don’t hold back. I don’t let you keep what isn’t serving you. In many ways, this process is a breakdown before a build up. It’s the fire scorching the land so the trees can flourish and grow. The process is profound transformation - if you want it.  And I’ll be there to guide you and make the unknown a little less scary.