Astrology energy maps


Astrology treats each person as a unique expression of energy, and astrology charts act as energetic maps, telling a story about who you are, where you came from, and what you're here to do.

Scientists have shown how a fake smile shifts a sour mood and how the moon moves the oceans. Similarly, astrology is rooted in the understanding that the physical world affects our experiences and shapes who we are.  For thousands of years, astrologists have worked to understand how the matter of the universe - the gravitational pull and movement of large planetary bodies - affects us.

Most astrology encountered in popular media is incredibly limited, focusing on just the Sun - a ball of fire that accounts for 99.8% of our solar system's mass and exerts a magnetic field that extends farther than 4 billion miles.  But the Sun is simply one significant element of a far more complicated planetary mapping system. A system that analyzes the positions of all planets at all times while tracking energetic connections between these large masses and us tiny humans.

My exploration of this practice and its consistent accuracy has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, but most importantly, astrology reliably reminds me that each and every one of us is unique.

Knowing your chart helps bring awareness to your unique strengths and challenges, and a reading helps you understand how you can take this information and practically apply it to your life.

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Natal Chart Reading, 60 minutes, $150

Your natal chart tells the story of your life - where you started, what you're experiencing, and where you're going. It acts like a map that you always carry with you, and it guides your course, constantly engaging with the movement of the world around you.

In this reading, you'll learn your elemental make up, the astrological positioning of each planet in your chart, your sacred geometry, and most importantly, what all of this means in practical terms. Unlike most personality profiling systems that lump people into a small number of rigid descriptions, astrology's understanding of people is nuanced. The factors influencing your natal chart can only come into being every 25,000 years. In astrology, there are no formulas. Every life is treated as rare and precious, including yours.

This chart is the basis for all other charts and remains a constant throughout your life.

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Solar Return Reading, 60 minutes, $150

This reading hones in on the year ahead of you, revealing what areas and themes will be emphasized, such as career, family, partnership, creative pursuits, travel, and more. It can help answer questions such as how a partnership may influence your work. The chart itself reads exactly like a natal chart (see above) but within the context of a single year.

The energy of a solar return chart begins manifesting approximately three months before your birthday. A reading on or around this time helps to prepare you for the year to come. In this reading, you'll learn the elements that will shape your perspective, where your energy will be best spent, how major planetary transits will affect you, and how this ties in with the overall arc of your lifetime's energy as depicted in your natal chart.

This reading changes with each birthday and whenever you change geographic locations. Comparing this chart for different locations can be particularly helpful in deciding whether or not you should change cities.

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Compatibility Reading, 90 minutes, $200

Compatibility readings tell the story of what happens when two unique expressions of energy are combined.

Unlike most compatibility readings that focus on just one method of mapping combined energies, these readings draw on five different maps, yielding a comprehensive overview of various possible outcomes. These five maps include each person's individual natal chart and three different methods of astrological compatibility mapping (synastry, the composite chart, and the Davison chart).

Compatibility readings clarify similarities and differences between people while highlighting the validity of each person's unique perspective and way of being. There are no good and bad compatibility readings. No relationship is perfect. Understanding your compatibility simply helps you approach your connection with compassion and appreciation as you learn to embrace its strengths and challenges.

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Reiki Add-On, 20 minutes, $40

Reiki can be added to any session so whatever comes up, you leave feeling relaxed. Through gentle healing touch, Reiki works to understand and transform your energy. Unlike the deep transformative process undergone in an intuitive energy work session, these mini add-ons are given based on traditional Reiki hand placements and designed simply to calm your energy and help you relax.

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