Discovery Call


Learn what you need to create your most fulfilling life and how you can begin accessing it right away.
30 minutes

Chelsea Office


The work begins! Start tapping into your magic and uncovering your buried truths.
90 minutes

Embrace your deepest truths,
harness your power and intuition,
choose your most purposeful work,
create nourishing boundaries,
attract your ideal partner,
& work your magic

big magic

You've been taught that magic doesn't exist, but everyone has magical gifts. Gifts you learn to repress because someone told you they weren't real. This repression often shows up in your body and mind as chronic illness, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, and more.

Embracing my magic and my psychic gifts helped me heal three chronic illnesses and overcome major depression. It also gave me a tremendous sense of freedom and happiness and the ability to quite literally see people's deepest truths and understand their unique gifts.

Perhaps you have no idea what your gifts are, or perhaps you already work with tarot and the occult and suspect you might be psychic. Either way, this completely customized, private work is designed to wake you up and bring forth your most magical life.

When you open yourself to possibility and accept your deepest truths, life is forever changed.

How will you begin?

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BOOKING DETAILS | All sessions are confidential. Cash, Check, Venmo, and Credit Card are accepted. Appointments missed or cancelled within 24 hours will be charged in full.