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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
4-7 PM

97 Wellness Club, 97 Crosby St, NYC

Ancient Celtic traditions say that on Halloween the lines between realms become blurred. The living mingle with the dead. Our past lives confront our current lives. All things come into focus, and this Halloween is sending powerful healing energy our way as a Pisces Moon conjuncts Chiron. It’s time to shed your weaknesses and destructive habits. In these twenty minute mini sessions, I will give you an intuitive reading to help clarify the weakness or habit you are best served by releasing. I’ll then guide you through a mini ritual to let go of this piece that’s holding you back. Sessions draw on tarot, healing touch, intention, and intuitive wisdom to help you tune in to a larger perspective of your life and work with the universe to accomplish your goals.



20 minutes

Visit 97 Wellness to book your spot.

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It's a surprise!

Usha Veda Yoga & Wellness, 1006 Manhattan Ave, BK


I'm often surprising people and showing up to teach yoga - a.k.a. gateway magic - at Usha Veda Yoga and Wellness in Greenpoint. Classes can be booked in advance on Mind Body. Drop-ins welcome.

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