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Empower Your Intuition with Tarot

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Practicing tarot connects you to intuitive sensing. This article from Forbes explains how intuition is really the highest form of intelligence, and tarot is a powerful tool for strengthening that intelligence. Contrary to popular belief, tarot isn't about memorizing what different cards mean. It's about tuning into your intuition and actually reading the cards for the first time every time. In this 15-page guide, you won't find card definitions. You'll find information on the basic structure of the deck, how the deck works, and mainly how to empower your intuition to truly read the cards no matter what deck you're using. This is the only tarot guide you will ever need.

21 Days to Happiness

Happiness researcher Shawn Achor has found that by doing these five activities every day for twenty-one days, you can shift your perspective on life, amplify positive thinking, and increase productivity by 31%. He talks all about it in the video to the left, and I created this guide based on my own experience working with his strategy. It includes the 5 activities, my tips for how to accomplish them, and two 21-day checklists - one for your fridge and another for your nightstand or desk. Try this and see what happens!

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