Integrative Guidance

Integrative Guidance combines coaching and healing by drawing on my entire toolkit of practices and then some.  Whether you're experiencing a major life transition or wading through the daily details, this completely customized, intuitive approach is all about creating change by tackling tangible to-dos and actively engaging your body and mind to accomplish your goals.

Integrative Guidance sees your life from an energy perspective. This helps you harness your unique power by learning how to best express your energy in this world.

We often feel out of alignment when something in our life isn't serving the fullest expression of our true selves. Integrative Guidance uncovers what that truth is and provides you the tools and support to best express it in your work, your relationships, and your state of mind.  

This work bypasses any deception in our minds and cuts straight to the heart of the matter. Your thoughts and words are merely one aspect of your expression whereas your energy creates all movement. It’s the physical property that leads to any and all action and change. For this reason, emphasis is placed on engaging active practices to create change by shifting your energy.

I work with your energy and what it has to say. I let it guide me in helping you get where you truly want to be. Because underneath all the stories in your mind, all the cans and can’ts, the shoulds and should-nots, your energy knows what’s up. I work directly with it, and I teach you how to work with it too.

Together, we develop a clear customized action plan with an explicit timeline to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. Then we make it happen.

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I specialize in creating change in the areas where we so often feel powerless and stuck:
our work, our relationships, and our state of mind.


Let go your notions about what work has to be or is supposed to be. Discover how you can best express yourself through what you create in this world. Then bring this expression to life.

Love & Relationships

Relationships trigger our deepest wounds. Break free from patterns, determine what you truly want, and attract nourishing connections.

Your State of Mind

Stress, sadness, or general malaise got you down? Uncover the challenging energy contributing to your funk and get back to enjoying your life. Because that's what you're here for:  enjoyment.

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What to Expect

All Integrative Guidance begins with a two-hour session. This includes 75 minutes of Intuitive Energy Work to get an initial read on your energy. This is our starting point. The rest of the session is dedicated to developing a draft of your customized action plan for real change.

In our next session, you'll receive Your Action Plan Pack. This plan lays out the remainder of our work together and is, of course, open to changes as our work evolves.

Examples of action plan items include:

✧  ongoing intuitive energy work
✧  astrology readings
✧  meditation
✧  visualization exercises
✧  goal and intention setting
✧  journaling
✧  custom rituals
✧  space healing
✧  sacred space design
✧  altar creation
✧  yoga
✧  breathwork
✧  mantra
✧  recommended readings
✧  accountability check-ins


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First Session: $250

Following the first session, you'll receive Your Action Plan. This will include a package rate and payment plan that makes the most sense for where you are. Any guidance sessions beyond the action plan are billed at $150/hour.

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