Intuitive Energy Work

Energy is the physical property that leads to all action and change. It fuels your thoughts, choices, feelings, and everything else you do. Without energy, life wouldn't exist. And while energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can be transformed. That's why I work here.

Intuitive Energy Work is designed to move and change you by working directly with your energy. As a psychic empath, I'm oriented toward experiencing the world on an energy level. I have a knack for understanding people's energy and am attuned to energetic connections through time and space. I process energy information through all senses and use this skill to customize each session to your unique energy.

Intuitive Energy Work sessions blend various energy practices including Reiki, tarot, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, and crystals. Each session is designed to get you out of your thoughts and into your energy. This helps you understand what experiences, feelings, and stories are influencing your circumstances. You may think it’s one thing, but the results are often surprising. Where words and thoughts can lie, energy doesn’t let you hide.

Energy Work also reveals any pain you're carrying that is holding you back. This work intentionally targets separating any energy - whether it be from trauma, fear, or other people - that has entangled itself with your truest, most authentic self. By stripping away this energy, you're left grounded in the version of yourself that exists underneath any pain. And that's the version I want to help you fully bring forth in your life.

Certain painful layers may require ongoing work to change, but each session allows you to uncover deeper truths, leaving you with a heightened sense of clarity, focus, and calm.

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Reiki is most easily understood as an energy massage. My personal practice incorporates gentle hand placements both on and around your body in addition to hand gestures, mudras, crystals, aromatherapy, mantra, and breathwork to transform the quality of your energy and set you clearly on your path.


Essential oils capture the essence of a plant. These essences are used as aromatherapy and through the skin to affect mood and heal the body. I use oils for their scent and therapeutic properties, and I only use my custom blends on your face. That's because they're especially designed for even the most sensitive skin.


Tarot cards channel your energy to answer your questions. Many people fear what the cards will say, but there are no good or bad cards. The cards are simply a mirror. The answers they give are already in you, but tarot helps you see them. And as far as tarot goes, all I can say is I've seen strange things.



Crystals are thought to have their own energetic vibration. These vibrations have been associated with the seven chakral energy centers as each crystal variety supports various energetic responses. I have seen crystals stimulate sweat and calm anxiety. Like with tarot, I've seen strange things.

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In-Person Work

Each session begins with a conversation. Sometimes this is long. Sometimes it's short. Sometimes it includes tarot.

Reiki-Based Transformative Energy Work

Reiki-Based Transformative Energy Work

Following the conversation, you'll lie on a massage table and relax. Here, I'll give you your custom Reiki-based transformative energy work. This typically lasts forty-five minutes. Reactions can include crying, body shakes, temperature fluctuations, visions, and the feeling of energy moving in and around your body.  All of these are common and perfectly safe. Most people leave a session feeling deeply relaxed.  Many even fall asleep during the session.  Others experience healing of physical pains and other shifts in their physical and mental wellbeing.

Unpacking the work.

Unpacking the work.

After the Reiki work, we unpack what happened. I'll ask you about your experience and share what I learned. What visions I saw. What I felt. Who or what showed up as guiding force in your life. And I'll share with you how you can integrate this information into your life.

Immediately following a session, it's common to feel blissful and relaxed. It's also common to feel tired or even nauseous, but the energy work continues even after the session is over. People have reported processing its affects for up to one week afterward, and depending on the nature of your energy, it can take a few days to experience increased clarity.

Folks often ask what to wear - wear whatever's comfy. Wear a ballgown. Wear your pajamas. It’s all good - as long as it’s not a suit of armor because metal resists the work.

In-Person sessions last 75 minutes.


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Long-Distance Work

Long-Distance Work is exactly like In-Person Work except that we aren't in the same physical location. How does this work? Maybe something to do with everything being connected through atoms and energy or something about time and space not actually being the way we perceive them. I'm not completely sure, but I know that it works.

Here are your instructions for facilitating long-distance energy work:

Channeling energy through time and space.

Channeling energy through time and space.

Get yourself settled in a quiet, comfortable space where you can lie down.  Maybe it’s on your bed or the couch or the floor.  Maybe you have a blanket rolled up like a tootsie roll and placed under your knees. Maybe your favorite candle is burning. Maybe you’ve burnt sage or palo santo.  Maybe you’re playing your favorite instrumental playlist - or my favorite, Spotify’s Dreamy Vibes. Whatever it is, make sure you’re comfortable.

As you rest in the space, speak out loud.  Welcome me.  Say my name: “I welcome Virginia into my home to do this work. Let us begin.”

Once you’ve done this. Give me a call via Skype. 

We’ll talk for 5-20 minutes. Then we’ll hang up so we can meet on the other side. Remember to make sure your phone is silenced so you don't experience any distractions, but make sure you can still be reached by me via Skype.

Lie down. Close your eyes. Take three deep belly breaths. Inhaling through your nose, exhaling out your mouth. Now, just relax and receive.

You’ll experience the distance energy work for approximately 20-30 minutes. Possible distance reactions are the same as for in-person sessions.

When I've finished the work, I'll call you.  We’ll unpack the session just as I do for in-person work, then we'll part ways and let the healing continue to do its thing.

Long-Distance Energy Work sessions last 60 minutes. 20 minute mini sessions are also available.


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I had the pleasure of working with Ayana both in-person and long-distance.
Here's what she had to say:


"Virginia is wonderful, and so is the space she has created. As soon as you walk in, you instantly feel a sense of comfort. I was offered some water and tea when I arrived, and we sat down to discuss why I made an appointment to see her for Reiki. She let me talk for as long as I needed to, and then we moved to the massage table to begin, or rather, continue the session. A lot came up for me while I was lying on that table, but I still felt safe and cared for which is so so important. I was expecting her to tell me if she noticed that any of my chakras were blocked. But instead we spoke about things that came to her throughout the session. Every Reiki practitioner is different so I really enjoyed her perspective. This idea that maybe there aren't really "blockages" per se, but that maybe there is a negative energy surrounding certain areas and that we can explore them and find ways to heal them. I really appreciated that. I would definitely recommend Virginia, especially if you have had Reiki before. Her work is really great, and I'm excited to explore tarot and meditation with her as well."


“After my in-person session with Virginia, I tried one of her long distance sessions. I’ve had distance energy work before. In the past, it was basically just scheduled, and I had to show up. I wasn’t sure when the session was over, so I sort of brought movement to my fingers and toes and woke up my body when I felt ready. I wasn’t sure if the person I was working with was still working on me or not. But Virginia’s approach to distance work was completely different. It felt like she was making the connection in the same way she made it in my in-person session. She called me beforehand to see what I had on my mind and if there was anything I wanted to work on, and she also called me afterwards. It felt good to close the loop and know right away what came up during the session. It also helped eliminate any confusion about when the session ended. She also pulled a tarot card for me during the session. I’m a fan of how she incorporates many things within her energy sessions because I generally think these practices are all connected. My session was also pretty emotional because she saw elements of my life that I don’t talk about very often - such as running from things in my dreams and past emotional traumas. She even saw my grandmother whose birthday was just a few days away. Her distance work proved just as powerful as in-person, and both brought me to tears.”

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