Parties, Yoga, & More

Bring some mindfulness and magic to the office or your next celebration. All special services are completely customized.
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Corporate Wellness

Yoga & Meditation
Employee Astrological Compatibility & Personality Profiles
Company Energy Analysis & Rituals for Success

 Girls' Night In

Grab your friends, your mom, your sisters, whoever for a night in of tarot, astrology, and a little magic.
Custom rituals can be designed based on the goals of the group.


Solar Return reading for the birthday guest, tarot, astrology, and more.

Engagement Parties

Compatibility reading for the couple, tarot, astrology, and more. 

Bridal Showers

Just like a Girls' Night In but especially tailored to support your upcoming nuptials.   


Tarot, intention-setting, blessings.

Group Yoga & Meditation

You know this one.

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Additional Services

Sacred Space Design

Make sure the energy of your space is set to support and nourish you. This includes techniques such as space design, decluttering, energy healing, and altar creation to align your space toward your goals.

Private Yoga

For just the yoga, all on your own.