More stories to inspire your magical life.

These are the magical memoir moments that have inspired me and reminded me that this world is large and largely unknown and that I am not alone. These true stories have already traveled through the eyes and ears of millions of people. If you aren't one of them, add these to your list:

The Red Notebook
by Paul Auster

This collection of short stories from Paul Auster's life - stories he tracked in his red notebook - is 72 pages of pure truth.  Nothing more. Nothing less.  Just what happened.

Big Magic
by Elizabeth Gilbert

Here, Elizabeth Gilbert details her own curious experience with creative endeavors and shares the true stories of many others as they reached into the unknown to create something that never before existed.

Eat, Pray, Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert's rocketship of a book took on a life of its own and became many things to many people, but what it is - without question - is a daring adventure in truth telling.  She shares her spiritual exploration and doesn't hold back, even when so-called common sense may have asked her to do just that.

My Stroke of Insight
by Jill Bolte Taylor

In this TED talk, neuroscientist Jill Bolte Taylor shares her incredible experience upon having a sudden, traumatic stroke.  The incident allowed her to temporarily experience life through just half of her brain.  This powerfully shifted her experience of reality and forever transformed how she sees the world, and the world she saw?  It's beautiful. 

No Coincidence, No Story!
by This American Life

This podcast episode is dedicated to coincidence stories, and when This American Life requested submissions, it received over 1,300! This final collection of stories from various voices will leave you wondering if coincidence alone can truly explain these bizarre experiences.

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