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Intuitive Energy Work

Intuitive Energy Work blends various energy practices including Reiki, tarot, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, and crystals. Each session is designed to get you out of your thoughts and into your energy. This helps you understand what experiences, feelings, and stories are influencing your circumstances. You may think it’s one thing, but the results are often surprising. Learn More.

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Astrology Energy Maps

Astrology treats each person as a unique expression of energy, and astrology charts act as energetic maps, telling a story about who you are, where you came from, and what you're here to do.  Learn More.

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Integrative Guidance

Integrative Guidance draws on my entire toolkit of practices and then some. Whether you're experiencing a major life transition or wading through the daily details, this completely customized approach is all about creating change by tackling tangible to-dos and actively engaging your body and mind to accomplish your goals. Learn More.

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