magic is real


Forget impossible.
Magic is real.
Come & find it.

I help you remember how free and powerful you are. I help you see that the universe isn't working against you, and I teach you how to work with the universe to create the life you want. I do this by helping you fully step into your power and embrace your magical gifts.

What People Are Saying


"I am completely on cloud 9. This has just been the most amazing, life changing experience. I have never felt more like myself or been more grounded in my body in my entire life, and it all happened so rapidly. I am so present to the most amazing people in my life, and I feel more like myself than I ever knew I could be or was aware of. I am eternally grateful and buzzing with happiness." -  Justine

"Virginia sees you. She sees beyond the veil of who you think you are and who you’ve settled for being. She sees talents you’ve forgotten, gifts you didn’t even know you had. She’s a mystical cheerleader, a spirit coach, a friend. She embraces you with all of her witchy wonder and makes you believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is more available to you, right here and now." - Kelly

"Thank you for helping me finally accept and realize who I am." - Kristin

"When we first started working together, I was totally confused. I knew I was powerful, but I felt powerless. I knew I was intuitive, but I couldn’t trust. I knew I was gifted, but I felt totally average. Now, my connection to my intuition and my divinity governs my life. With Virginia’s help, I’ve been able to navigate myself back to the driver’s seat in my own life. I always felt like I needed someone else’s permission, and I always gave more than I received. But now I feel like I am both free and in control at the same time." - Kelly

"I attest: Virginia is a LOVE queen!" - Jessica

“I healed old places and was brought to new places with new textures I didn’t even know existed. I have found more patience and trust for myself, and in turn, for the world around me. In the beginning, I hoped to have concrete, clear understandings of rituals that I would be able to implement toward my business. But the clarity I ultimately received surpassed the need for a concrete plan. I finally feel prepared to begin with trust.” - Sasha

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Are you ready for your most magical, meaningful life?