magic is real


Forget impossible.
Magic is real.
Come & find it.

I help you remember how free and powerful you are. I help you see that the universe isn't working against you, and I teach you how to work with the universe to create the life you want. I do this by helping you fully step into your power and embrace your magical gifts.

What People Are Saying


"I am completely on cloud 9. This has just been the most amazing, life changing experience. I have never felt more like myself or been more grounded in my body in my entire life, and it all happened so rapidly. I am so present to the most amazing people in my life, and I feel more like myself than I ever knew I could be or was aware of. I am eternally grateful and buzzing with happiness." -  Justine

“I'm no longer a skeptic! Virginia took me out of such a weird dark place, and now I feel awesome!” - Lauren

“I haven't felt this strong or this happy in years. I haven't felt like this in 10 years. Wow! Thank you!” - Charley

"I attest: Virginia is a LOVE queen!" - Jessica

"I found myself very stuck after a bad breakup.  I was having trouble motivating to do even the smallest things. Virginia was able to come in, spend time with me in specific areas which needed improvement and rearrange my life.  She helped me break through several of the things which were holding me back and now that I’m writing this I can say that the changes we instituted are still in place." - Jonathan

All Possibilities Podcast | Listen as I talk with Julie Chan about tarot, becoming spiritual, and struggling with the word psychic.

Are you ready for your most magical, meaningful life?