9 weeks to magic

Magic exists. I help you connect with it, nurture it, and make it an integral part of your life.


Embrace your deepest truths,
harness your power and intuition,
choose your most purposeful work,
create nourishing boundaries,
attract your ideal partner,
& work your magic

This private mentorship guides you deeper inside yourself, teaching you how your intuition works, and helping you learn to trust it so you can live unapologetically and joyfully in your intuitive, intelligent flow.

Over the course of 9 weeks, you receive completely custom healing, training, and life and business coaching. Together, we go on a journey to uncover your personal spiritual truths and the magic of the universe.

One size does not fit all. The ultimate goal is to get you living your most magical, meaningful life, one in which you love and embrace yourself completely and are ready to manifest your wildest dreams.

Through this work, you will come to remember just how free and powerful you truly are. You will see that the universe isn't working against you, and you will learn how to work with the universe to create the life you want.

The entire program is rooted in magic (down to the number 9), and it’s designed to bring forth rapid, life-changing transformation. And that's what it does. But don't take my word for it. Read what people are saying.

"With Virginia's help, I've been able to navigate myself back to the driver's seat in my own life." - Kelly


This program is for highly intuitive people who want to feel free and empowered in everything they do. People who are ready to grow beyond what they know and who are willing to let go of the stuff that keeps them from receiving everything the universe has to give. 


give more than you receive
let your gut lead the way
feel overwhelmed in crowds
talk to plants and animals
enjoy music, dance, painting, and poetry
value cleanliness and design
notice signs, numbers, and patterns
have vivid dreams
are drawn to magic

Whether you're new to magic or already a professional healer, I help guide you deeper into your intuitive landscape and give you the tools to live courageously as your authentic self. Our time together is completely private and customized, allowing you to embrace your truths in a safe and loving space and allowing me to work with you exactly where you are.

"Virginia uprooted all (and I mean ALL) of my shadows and inner pain for healing." - Kristin




9 Weeks

9 is an incredibly powerful number. 9 weeks equals 63 days. 6+3 = 9. And that's how 9 works because 9 is a spiral. It's the only number that keeps going back to itself again and again. In numerology, 9 represents truly letting go, surrendering to divine will, and trusting. And 63 days also happens to be exactly three sets of 21 days, and 21 days is the magic period of time that has been scientifically proven to help break an old habit and make a new one. Together, we do that three times to create deep, lasting transformation. I could go on and on. 9 is a powerful number in every major religion, and so 9 is the magical number in which this mentorship is grounded!


14+ Hours

Every week, we meet in-person (either locally in NYC or over video-call). The first two weeks are 90 minute healing sessions that lay the groundwork for the rest of our time together. Over the next four weeks, you receive completely custom magical training, drawing on energy healing, tarot, astrology, psychic channeling, spellwork, and energetic self care. During this time, we meet weekly for 120 minute sessions. And the last three weeks are all about integrating everything you've learned! During weekly 60 minute sessions (and all the time in between), I help guide you through the changes unfolding in your life and help you apply what you've learned to your life and if applicable, your business. While our session time ends up being around 14 hours, the reality is that over the course of 9 weeks, we are intertwined. The energy is flowing, and we are doing the work nearly nonstop. That’s why I offer 24/7 support.


24/7 Support

During the program, I am 100% committed to your personal transformation. I’m in it with you all the way! You'll have ongoing access to me via text and email, and I'm always happy to coordinate phone calls as needed between sessions. I respond as quickly as possible - often it’s right away - but if I’m with clients or unable to respond immediately, I still respond within 24 hours at most. Asking me for help when we're not in session is completely welcome. You are not a burden. This is what we are here for. I've got your back, and I make sure to only work with a couple of mentees at a time so I am as available to you as I promise to be.


Certifications + Assignments

Between sessions, I give you completely custom assignments to work with. This includes everything from journaling to brainstorming to reading tarot to practicing Reiki to cleaning your room to doing nothing at all and letting yourself receive. I follow my intuition with these and strive to give you exactly what you need, when you need it. In addition to ongoing assignments, you'll receive all training documents and certifications, especially for Reiki (if you aren't already certified). This is both a personal and professional training. If you choose to use your skills professionally, I'm here to give you all the love, support, and guidance to help your own business thrive!


Gifts, Gifts, + More Gifts!

Showering you with gifts is one of my favorite parts of this work! Not only does it satisfy my love for creating care packages and buying crystals, but it also makes sure that you have all the supplies you need to do this work, and most importantly, it teaches you to receive. So before you reject the notion and say you don't need any more stuff, surrender to the possibility that you will benefit from everything I choose to give you, and get ready to receive approximately $200 worth of intuitively-selected gifts.


Ongoing Care

"Once I'm your teacher, I'm always your teacher." I've had so many teachers tell me this and then disappear, so I decided to make my word official. Once you commit to my mentorship, you're invited into my Forever Magic circle that includes all of my current and former mentees. Through this secret Facebook group, I encourage you to engage with each other and build community, and I personally commit to always be available to you, whether it’s for the occasional check-in session, friendly coffee meet up, or email exchange. And this ongoing care is completely FREE! I offer this simply because I believe in it, and because I know the work doesn’t end after 9 weeks. 9 weeks is just the beginning.

"This has just been the most amazing, life changing experience. I have never felt more like myself or been more grounded in my body in my entire life, and it all happened so rapidly. I am eternally grateful and buzzing with happiness." - Justine


You'll be able to help yourself, help others, responsibly play with magic, and be a force of wholehearted living in this world!

Read what some of my magical mentees have shared about their experience.

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