Intuitive Energy Work

"Virginia has such a vibrant, bright, and vivacious energy surrounding her, and her practice space is ultra relaxing and inviting with low ambient music and a bright atmosphere for acceptance, light, and energy. I decided to try Reiki – it wasn’t my first time but this experience seemed much more transformative than the first. Virginia’s energy, patience, and touch felt calming, and I already felt quite serene. I tried not to let my mind race or anticipate how I would feel or react. I just let the dance happen. My muscles relaxed. I felt like I could see waves and bursts of colors. It was pleasing and not at all jarring, magnificent really. Even though this was a deeply personal experience for me, I felt like I began the pathway of moving energy around and letting things go. For the rest of the day, I felt rather blissed out and relaxed."


Intuitive Energy Work

"I attest: Virginia is a LOVE queen! This was such a beautiful session, and I'm so happy to have connected!!!"


Intuitive Energy Work

"Virginia is wonderful, and so is the space she has created. As soon as you walk in, you instantly feel a sense of comfort. I was offered some water and tea when I arrived, and we sat down to discuss why I made an appointment to see her for Reiki. She let me talk for as long as I needed to, and then we moved to the massage table to begin, or rather, continue the session. A lot came up for me while I was lying on that table, but I still felt safe and cared for which is so so important. I was expecting her to tell me if she noticed that any of my chakras were blocked. But instead we spoke about things that came to her throughout the session. Every Reiki practitioner is different so I really enjoyed her perspective. This idea that maybe there aren't really "blockages" per se, but that maybe there is a negative energy surrounding certain areas and that we can explore them and find ways to heal them. I really appreciated that. I would definitely recommend Virginia, especially if you have had Reiki before. Her work is really great and I'm excited to explore tarot and meditation with her as well."


Intuitive Energy Work

"After my in-person session with Virginia, I tried one of her long distance sessions. I’ve had distance energy work before. In the past, it was basically just scheduled, and I had to show up. I wasn’t sure when the session was over, so I sort of brought movement to my fingers and toes and woke up my body when I felt ready. I wasn’t sure if the person I was working with was still working on me or not. But Virginia’s approach to distance work was completely different. It felt like she was making the connection in the same way she made it in my in-person session. She called me beforehand to see what I had on my mind and if there was anything I wanted to work on, and she also called me afterwards. It felt good to close the loop and know right away what came up during the session. It also helped eliminate any confusion about when the session ended. She also pulled a tarot card for me during the session. I’m a fan of how she incorporates many things within her energy sessions because I generally think these practices are all connected. My session was also pretty emotional because she saw elements of my life that I don’t talk about very often - such as running from things in my dreams and past emotional traumas. She even saw my grandmother whose birthday was just a few days away. Her distance work proved just as powerful as in-person, and both brought me to tears."


Intuitive Energy Work

"I had never fully experienced Reiki, but it's always been something I've wanted to do. Virginia was the exact person who I wanted to do this with - from the moment you talk to her you can tell she truly believes in this work and cares so much about serving others in a way that highlights her unique gifts. The session was extremely peaceful, relaxing, and insightful. Virginia has a presence about her that just immediately helps you block out the noise, sink into a deeper place within you, and receive a beautiful experience you wouldn't otherwise be able to access. The conversation after the Reiki experience was also one of my favorite parts - Virginia is extremely intuitive and wise and was able to really show me parts of myself I couldn't see on my own. Overall, it was an amazing private experience and I would 100% keep doing this with her!"


Astrology Energy Maps

"I have been known to be a bit skeptical, but between the atmosphere and how knowledgeable Virginia is I'm pretty convinced there might actually be something to this. The insights she shared from my natal chart were crazy accurate and some of them were extremely personal - she put a great amount of thought into preparing the reading, and she listened and cared about what I had to say when it came to the more intimate details that came up. Virginia has a calm, healing presence and I can't wait to explore more of this with her."


Astrology Energy Maps

"I think this was the most practical reading I've had. It just felt like sharing facts."


Integrative Guidance

"Virginia is a very kind and friendly, open-hearted person who is accepting of all people and embracing of differences. She instantly makes you feel welcome. At the time before I saw Virginia, I found out that I have a medical condition that had slipped out of remission. Physically, I felt fine, but I was told by my doctors that I needed to start an aggressive course of treatment right away. I needed help tuning in and making the decision. What I appreciated the most was that in our conversations, she never shied away from or minimized my health concerns, nor made them bigger than they were. She also didn't push any agenda - just helped me make a decision. The big kicker though was that she wrote a note for me before I even got there and had me wait to read it until after I left and was home and comfortable. It contained a very thoughtful, kind, and wonderful mantra about my illness - a meditation I could use every day to help me become friends with my body and see that the illness, too, is a friend.  Upon using her mantra to check in with my body, I ended up deciding to get a second and then third opinion using my same medical records and the exact same specialties of medical professionals - and both doctors disagreed with my first. Both said no to any chemo!  I just really appreciate how she taught me to *tune into my body*, get support from others, and to make the best decisions for me no matter what others may think."


Space Setting

"I found myself very stuck after a bad breakup.  I was having trouble motivating to do even the smallest things. Over the course of a single day, Virginia was able to come in, spend time with me in specific areas which needed improvement and rearrange my life.  She helped me break through several of the things which were holding me back and now that I’m writing this a week later I can say that the changes we instituted are still in place, which is what I’d hoped would happen."


Private Yoga + Reiki

"My session with Virginia was so wonderful. She was patient and supportive, taking the time to unpack my hesitations about yoga and help me understand the art a bit better. During the flow, she was attentive and understanding, offering variations of poses I couldn’t do very well. In other experiences, I would’ve felt bad not being able to do the poses - but in yoga practice with Virginia, it was so easy to just be myself in the moment, and to accept that and work with it. The healing session that followed was such a great postlude to the flow session. Her calming presence and energy worked wonders for my stress. In fact, the rest of the day went quite poorly - had it not been for the morning’s session with Virginia, I’m not sure how I would have handled it!"


Private Yoga

"Virginia's a wonderful yoga instructor. I have practiced yoga in the past, but never consistently, and my session with Virginia was my first private lesson. She helped correct my form, especially in downward-facing dog, and taught me that overdoing my chaturanga was the reason I was experiencing mid-back pain in other postures. As a teacher, she is patient and taught at a pace that matched my breath rather than asking me to match her flow. A really excellent session in a warm and cozy space!"

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