Fleeting Connections helps you connect to yourself, your intuition, and real magic everyday.


My name’s Virginia, and I help people remember that magic is real.

What seems impossible to most is part of my daily experience. In addition to the commonly experienced five senses, I process information through visions, physical sensations, subtle sound, and direct knowing.

My intuition allows me to see the depth of human experience through many lives and many ways of being. We are more than what we've been taught. We are more than what we think we know.

I used to doubt all of this, and after decades of denying my psychic abilities, I became chronically ill. By my early twenties, I'd been diagnosed with epilepsy and two autoimmune disorders. I spent years seeing doctors with zero improvement.

Then, I began practicing yoga and meditation and reading eastern philosophy. Through years of study and practice, I grew to understand my intuition and all of my symptoms disappeared.

I became healthy and happy. My life became full of joyful, synchronous experiences. I met my incredible soul partner, and I found fulfilling work by sharing my gifts with others.


I now specialize in teaching highly intuitive people how to transform their own lives by accepting all that they are, embracing their intuition, and making magic.

I studied film, human evolution, and philosophy at Vassar College, and I'm a trained scientist, writer, astrologer, Reiki Master, and yoga instructor. I'm also a direct descendent of John Hale - the man who helped start and stop the Salem Witch Trials - and redefining our cultural understanding of magic and the power people hold is close to my heart and part of my ancestral heritage.

My favorite intuitive tools are tarot, astrology, psychic channeling, energy healing, crystals, mantra, meditation, breathwork, aromatherapy, ritual, and play.

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And to learn more about the strange, magical experiences I've had, check out my stories on the blog.

Sun: Scorpio ● Moon: Gemini ● Rising: Aquarius ● Spirit Animal: Hummingbird ● Mantra: Every limitation is negotiable.

That's my magic. What's yours?