Every story has a beginning, ad infinitum.

pick your path

All sessions are held remotely over FaceTime or Zoom.



These 60 minute sessions blend astrology with psychic channeling. When I look at an astrology chart, the whole thing lights up like a map with neon arrows. It tells me a story about who you are, what’s going on in your life, and where you’re going.

If you’ve never had an astrology reading before, I always recommend a basic birth chart deep dive. Your birth chart is your soul’s map, and planetary movements are constantly guiding you toward your next best step. A birth chart reading gives you the BIG PICTURE of your overall life path.

All other astrology readings are customized for where you are and what questions you have. This may be analyzing a retrograde cycle, relationship compatibility, or just generally WTF is going on because life feels crazy.

Ultimately, these readings are coaching sessions that use astrology and psychic information as tools to guide a conversation about what will most benefit you at the moment when we come together.



These 90 minute sessions draw on tarot, Reiki, spellwork, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, crystals, and more. This is a full psychic reading and MAGIC energy healing.

I share with you everything I see during the work, and together, we start to understand who you are in the grand scheme of things, what will bring you the most joy, and anything that may be holding you back.

Often, past life experiences, other realms, spirit guides, and ancestors present themselves during this work, but ultimately, I’m just a messenger. I ask the questions, but someone/something else is answering.

I ask that you enter this experience with an open mind and heart and zero expectations. Whatever information you receive is what’s best for that moment in time. This work is truly about deep surrender and trust - for you and for me. We’re in it together! This is also Week 1 of my private mentorship program, 9 Weeks to Magic.



virtual coaching

to you, from me, with love

I recently stopped hosting in-person sessions and now do 99% of my work remotely over video call. I made this change because my heart told me that I had to make this change. I live my life on intuition and faith and a whole lot of grit, and the more that I worked with people over video all over the world, the more I learned that I love working this way.

My practice is - at its core - a private, personal thing. Not a performance, and I love how video sessions allow us each to soften into the comfort of our own private spaces. There’s nowhere we have to be. No traffic to move through. No way we have to look. It’s just us -being and existing and living in this beautiful, mysterious world. I also love that video sessions invite you to feel the sacred space that exists around you all the time - even in your own home.

Nothing is so precious.

SO, book a session, light your candles, grab your crystals (if you choose), and let yourself receive! You don’t have to do any other work. And YES, we don’t have to be in the same room for energy work to work. Magic is sneaky like that.

And as always, if you have questions, I am all ears.