Right now, your experience is being shaped by where you fall on the spectrum of intuition.


When you were born, you naturally fell somewhere, but throughout your life, you’ve likely shifted in one direction or the other.

In today’s society, formal reasoning is highly valued, and most of us shift away from the “totally psychic” end. We learn to question our intuition and even repress it completely, often deeming it “crazy.” But intuition is a natural and powerful way that we relate to the world, and losing it, especially for those of us who were naturally born closer to the “totally psychic” end, is akin to losing ourselves. Thankfully, you can strengthen your intuition as easily as you learned to dismiss it. You can reclaim ALL of who you are.


Intuition is intelligence that lives beyond conscious reasoning. Forbes recently said that intuition is the highest form of intelligence, so it’s not surprising that when we strengthen this intelligence, our lives improve. Taking you to places you previously never imagined or only imagined existed in stories. I know this because of how it transformed my life and how I’ve witnessed it transform the lives of so many of my clients.

Through nurturing your intuition, you can regain your natural position and even exceed it. To a large extent, you get to decide what kind of experience you want to have. What kind of life you want to lead. As intuition increases and trust is restored, many people experience clarity, synchronicity, visions, messages, flow, happiness, improved health, and a strengthened ability to manifest the life they truly desire. Yes, life becomes magical. This isn’t supernatural. It’s completely natural. Your connection to the universe is real. Your intuition helps you understand it.


I created Fleeting Connections to help nurture and restore our intuitive sensing. To turn those fleeting moments of intuitive wisdom into something reliable and steady.

Here, you can:

Welcome to a world of wonder, brilliance, and raw, vulnerable experience!

Forget impossible. This world is wild. Magic is real. Let’s get started.


Every single one of us has a unique perspective on the world. We are made of a unique combination of atoms and energy and thoughts and feelings and experiences. Understanding the way intuition works FOR YOU is the key to experiencing more magic. I help people hone their intuition and empower it in their lives. This is where we begin: