anywhere / everywhere

Because what are space and time anyway?


I live in NYC, but I work with clients all over the world, wherever there’s a strong WiFi connection. All sessions are held remotely via Zoom or FaceTime, and I happily travel for special events and retreats.

Why I switched to video…

I previously worked with clients in-person in Greenpoint and Chelsea, NY. I’m so grateful for all of the in-person connections I have made through this work, but the more I worked with people over video, the more I learned that I prefer working this way.

My practice is - at its core - a private, personal thing. Not a performance, and I love how video sessions allow us each to soften into the comfort of our own private spaces. There’s nowhere we have to be. No traffic to move through. No way we have to look. It’s just us -being and existing and living. I also love that video sessions invite you to feel the sacred space that exists around you all the time - even in your own home.

SO, book a session, light your candles, grab your crystals (if you choose), and let yourself receive! You don’t have to do any other work. And YES, we don’t have to be in the same room for energy work to work. Magic is sneaky like that.

And for those of you who are interested in my 9 Weeks to Magic private mentorship program, I do offer the option of in-person work from the comfort of my home studio by MoMA PS1.

Questions? I’m all ears.