Kelly, Bleecker & Bliss

With Virginia's help, I've been able to navigate myself back to the driver's seat in my own life.

"Virginia sees you. She sees beyond the veil of who you think you are and who you’ve settled for being. She sees talents you’ve forgotten, gifts you didn’t even know you had. She’s a mystical cheerleader, a spirit coach, a friend. She embraces you with all of her witchy wonder and makes you believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is more available to you, right here and now.

When we first started working together, I was totally confused. I knew I was powerful, but I felt powerless. I knew I was intuitive, but I couldn’t trust. I knew I was gifted, but I felt totally average. Now, my connection to my intuition and my divinity governs my life. With Virginia’s help, I’ve been able to navigate myself back to the driver’s seat in my own life. I always felt like I needed someone else’s permission, and I always gave more than I received. But now I feel like I am both free and in control at the same time."

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kristin brien

Virginia uprooted all (and I mean ALL) of my shadows and inner pain for healing.

“This work forced me to go inward and to release all control. It uprooted all (and I mean ALL) of my shadows and inner pain for healing. By agreeing to step into this work and by being forced to acknowledge who I am in my entirety, I have been able to finally reopen my dialogue and connection with all of my guides. I have learned how to use and trust the tools I have had all along to make my life easier and to connect more deeply with patients to help them heal.

I now have the majority of my stones, shamanic tools, oils, sprays, and sacred photos on my windowsill as a living altar. I have stopped hiding my tools when people come over, and it has actually allowed people to talk about their experiences with magic. I have shifted from being scared and hiding who I am out of fear of attack, being discredited, and accused of mental illness, to showing up. By showing up, the universe has started to meet me halfway and bring me things I would have never expected.

I now have potential clients that I never expected to see, and one of my medical instructors shared with me that she just completed her Reiki I training! And for the first time in my 12 years of nursing, I admitted that I am a Reiki Master to one of my superiors. Virginia is amazing 💓.

I don't know where the road is going to take me, but I'm ok with that. I finally feel completely supported both energetically and through people who have stepped into my life when others have exited as I have unraveled from all my layers of hiding. I was not prepared for how intense this experience would be, but Virginia gave me the tools and ongoing support that I needed to not run away as I have in the past."

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Lia Fernandez of Ms. Eyecon

Virginia has literally been a guardian angel for me.

My experience has surpassed any of the expectations I had. I came in knowing that I was starting a new journey in my life and that I had to have my own back no matter what came. So to prepare myself, I knew I needed to go inward and heal from old past wounds and hurt. Now, after these 9 weeks, I believe, and I go forward despite the unknown. I embrace the fear and turn it into something that helps guide me or at least let me know that I’m headed in the right direction. My relationships with friends & family have improved and gotten closer. I’m taking more care of myself than I had in the past, and I’m more loving, more open to love, and more psychic.

I’ve had some pretty challenging things happen this past year, and I used to look at it with sadness. But now, I have a new defined perspective on these past experiences. I realized that it was all for a reason after all, and it gives me the confidence to keep pushing forward. Virginia has literally been a guardian angel for me, a source of light and love which I’m eternally grateful for. Her kind words and strong belief in me made me feel supported and loved.”

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Sasha Formoso

I finally feel prepared to begin with trust.

“In the beginning, I was open yet stubborn. I was hungry to find solid ways to communicate and offer service. I wanted to find the truth of my business and what I could give, and I hoped to dig deeply into personal spaces to heal the things that could stand in my way of creating my best life. I healed old places and was brought to new places with new textures I didn’t even know existed. I have found more patience and trust for myself, and in turn, for the world around me. In the beginning, I hoped to have concrete, clear understandings of rituals that I would be able to implement toward my business. But the clarity I ultimately received surpassed the need for a concrete plan. I finally feel prepared to begin with trust.”

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Mary Kathryn Katie Harris 9 Weeks to Magic

My relationship to myself and the world has grown to be that of immense trust.

“When I met Virginia, I was trying to navigate through feelings of anxiety and fear. I had a lot of self doubt wondering if there was more purpose to my life. I felt that there must be something more in the world to discover, including a part of me that I felt was missing. Following our first meeting, I felt like the shades had been opened and suddenly a whole new world sat before me. Anxiety and fear turned into calm and hope. In just nine weeks, my relationship to myself and the world has grown to be that of immense trust. Trust in knowing that as I walk through this life, I am not alone. Knowing the path that I walk is one paved in that trust of knowing I deserve to have this life and everything it holds within it. It holds infinite magic and beauty in everything and everyone. In trusting myself, I am allowing myself to open my eyes for the first time to a world that I used to be unsure of really existing. I have grown SO much in this short space of time. I have grown to trust myself, set boundaries, get grounded, and develop a greater sense of my self care needs. I now notice and take notes on all the little and not so little signs out there. I cannot imagine this journey without Virginia specifically being my mentor. Everything on this journey has felt just right! So much love and trust!!!”

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Celina Deluca L'Oreal

Through learning about the universe and all of its magic, I have become more whole.

“In the beginning, I saw myself as a successful, powerful young woman questioning what I was meant to do in this life. What was I supposed to do with all of this power and drive that was so real but felt just out of reach to truly harness? Through my work with Virginia, I discovered that not only did I actually have a shadow but that I was afraid of it - the struggle of a perfectionist realizing she's not perfect. I was incapable of being truly vulnerable - that was what was holding me back. With Virginia, I worked on wholly accepting myself - shadow included. I didn't realize how much energy it took to push the shadow away until I faced it and dealt with it - I'm lighter. I am definitely less anxious and have less of a need for control. I look at life and what happens in it differently - I am able to stop and listen. I am able to just notice thoughts or feelings without having to judge. Now, the world around me feels magical. I feel incredibly powerful in a different kind of way than I did when I began my journey. I don't need approval or outside opinions to confirm that I am a strong, whole, kickass, sensitive woman. I've learned, and I am constantly learning, to trust my intuition. Vulnerability is a now part of my everyday life. Through learning about the universe and all of its magic, I have become more whole. My power is now wholly mine. Oh… and screw perfectionism.”

Where will your journey lead you?